We want to share how we’ve curated the sources in Humanitarian NewsCuratr. We also want you to help us to improve the curation by voting for your favourite sources.

Transparency is really important to us and it’s something that’s missing in other aggregators. Members should be able to see how their news is being curated. They should also have a say in what sources are included.

We want to leverage the collective expertise of the community to curate the best Humanitarian news service.

In a time burdened by ‘Fake News’ and source biases, quality content curation is of utmost importance.

Have your say by Voting and Suggesting your favourite sources.

Global Summary

1 Humanosphere 2 0
2 News Deeply: Refugee Articles 2 1
3 The Guardian: Global Development 2 0
4 UN News: Humanitarian Aid 0 0
5 Irin News 1 0
6 News Deeply: Refugees Deeply Executive Summary 1 0


1 allAfrica Aid 0 0
2 The Guardian: Africa 1 0


1 Human Rights Watch: Asia 0 1
2 Reuters: South Asia 1 0


1 The Independent: Refugee Crisis 1 0
2 Human Rights Watch: Europe 0 0

Latin America & The Caribbean

1 Al Jazeera Latin America 1 0
2 UN News: Americas 1 0

Middle East & North Africa

1 Middle East Monitor 0 1
2 News Deeply: Syria Deeply (Exec Summary) 1 0

North America

1 New York Times: International Relations 1 0
2 The Guardian: US Foreign Policy 0 0

Humanitarian Jobs

1 ReliefWeb 1 0

Top Humanitarian Tweets

1 #GlobalDev 1 0

We want to hear from you! Suggest a source to the community.


  • Only Members can Vote, Suggest, and Comment. Signup here for free Membership to the community.
  • Each member can only vote once per news source.
  • Sources are ranked in their Categories based on the number of votes they’ve received.
  • If a source receives >= 30% of downvotes AND is lower than the highest ranked replacement source in its Category, then it is removed from the feed and replaced with the next highest voted suggested source.
  • If a suggested source receives >= 30% of upvotes AND it is higher than the lowest ranked source in its respective Category, then it replaces that source and is included in the daily feed.
  • We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate or offensive comments and suggested sources.

We’ve also placed limits around the number of content items generated per Category. We’re treating this as fixed at the moment, but we’re open to making that adaptive as well, if that’s something the community wants.

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