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Take control of how you consume news.

Fake news. Distraction. Click-bait. So many of our news aggregators have descended into a race to the bottom, where their aim is to maintain attention rather than to inform.

Yet, these rapid developments haven’t diminished the importance of the news. The news sources that we refer to are central to the development of our positions and perspectives. They inform our views, which inform our actions.

Curated by experts

Humanitarian NewsCuratr has partnered with career humanitarian, Cory Steinhauer, the co-founder of Humanitarian Institute. With input from Cory and his team, we’ve curated a free automated news service that pulls from only the most trusted news sources in the Humanitarian sector. By leveraging their depth of knowledge and experience in International Development, we’re enabling subscribers to receive the same information as the experts.

Cut through the noise and stay informed.

In an era of international turmoil, trusted news sources are more important than ever.

How it works

The Humanitarian NewsCuratr pulls from trusted news sources in the Humanitarian sector and sorts top news into Categories, according to geographical region. It then sends a tidy email of the latest Humanitarian sector news to subscribers every morning for free.

No more mindless trawling only to end down a rabbit hole reading about Angelina’s latest Special Envoy to Syria. Stay informed and take back your time.

Less click-bait. More time.

We see the value of the content shared on Twitter. You just need to be scrolling through your feed at the right time, following the right people, monitoring the right hashtags to find it. So instead of leaving it to chance, we’ve added a Twitter Category that takes the Top Tweets over a period from #globaldev and #humanitarian hashtags. You can also follow Humanitarian NewsCuratr on Twitter at @hum_newscuratr

Humanitarian job board

Included in the daily email is a Jobs Board to help subscribers find a career in the Humanitarian sector. This pulls from the latest roles in the United Nations and other reputable NGOs.

We hope you find the Humanitarian NewsCuratr helpful and please share with your friends and colleagues. We’d love any feedback and suggestions - please reach out via the Contact page.

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